🧊SMRT Algo Pro

This all-in-one indicator is designed to be your companion in navigating the dynamic world of trading. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced trader looking to enhance your strategy, SMRT Algo Pro is here to make your life easier and more profitable.

What is SMRT Algo Pro?

SMRT Algo Pro is an innovative trading indicator built with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. It is designed to provide you with optimized buy and sell signals, simplifying your trading decisions and maximizing your chances of success.

The brilliance of the SMRT Algo Pro lies in its fusion of multiple critical indicators into a singular, user-friendly interface. With its suite of features, this tool aims to provide traders with everything they need to succeed in one neatly organized package.


  • Buy/Sell Signals and Alerts: Receive real-time, AI-optimized signals to guide your trading moves.

  • Trend Filter: Filter out trades so that you trade with the trend.

  • Dashboard: A complete dashboard with highly actionable metrics such as Trend Strength, current volatility, volume analysis, etc.

  • Take Profit and Stop Loss: Protect your investments with smart, automated suggestions for locking in gains and minimizing losses.

  • Trailing Stop Loss Indicator: Adapt your strategy on the fly with a dynamic loss-minimization feature.

  • Supply and Demand: Gain insights into key market zones that could impact asset prices.

  • Power Moving Average: Get a more nuanced view of market trends with a sensitive, weighted average.

  • Choch/Bos: Auto-detect Change-of-Character and Break-of-Structure.

  • Market Structure Indicator: Understand the larger market structure, giving you an extra edge.

  • Reversals: Displays potential reversal areas for contrarian trading or take-profit suggestions.

  • Reversal Bands: Areas where it is likely for price to reverse once it is in this zone.

  • Auto-Trend Lines: Automatically draws trendline channels on the chart.

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